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Equipment Lending Program



The Burlington Blast Equipment Lending program has been made available thanks to a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. For a modest fee of $35, players in U8 (Bunny Program) can be provided with a full set of equipment for an entire season, offering the advantage of trying out the sport without investing in several hundred dollars of equipment. This is a program that we hope will encourage many families in Burlington to participate in the exciting sport of Ringette.

The program is offered to children between the ages of 3-7 who are participating in the U8 ( Bunny ) age group.
First year players in the Bunny program will receive priority.

The program is also offered to 'first time' players entering at the U10 age level.
Participation for U10 is based upon availability of equipment once it has been distributed to the U8 level.


All participants will be required to sign a contract and place a $500 deposit cheque (payable to Ringette Association of Burlington and post dated October 1, 2020) due upon taking possession of the equipment.

All equipment is to be returned in a good clean condition by April 22 at which time the deposit cheque will be returned. If the equipment is not returned by April 22, RAB will cash the $500 deposit cheque. If any equipment is missing or *damaged, RAB will cash the $500 deposit cheque and deduct the cost of any *damaged or missing equipment and then rebate the difference.
Equipment can be returned at the 2020-2021 RAB YEAR END BLAST event, or arranged through the Equipment managers at this email: [email protected]

The success of this program will be determined by the support and commitment of all who participate. Taking care of the equipment while you are in possession of it and returning it in a good clean condition will ensure the continued success of this program. 

It would be expected that all players will wear a t-shirt and long underwear or sweat pants under their is easier to wash clothes than equipment!


If you have any questions contact:

Andrew Garst or Lisa Nagy

[email protected]


*damaged = beyond normal wear and tear and the piece needs to be replaced.


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