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RAB Online Payments With Interac E-transfer Instructions


After you have registered, follow these directions to utilize Interac E-transfer to quickly and easily send payments from your bank account to RAB.


Step 1 - Sending an Interac e-Transfer

You will need to log into your bank account and select “e-transfer” function on your on-line bank account website

You will need to add new recipient

New recipients name: Brett Richardson  (Brett is the Treasurer for RAB)

General Payments: [email protected]
Tournament Payments: [email protected]

Once you have added Brett as a recipient you will then need to select transfer money and follow the instructions from your bank.

-       Specify the amount and desired account for the payment

-       Create a security question only the recipient will be able to answer

- Include the name of Player and Team or the Program to which the payment is being made so it can be matched to the Registration information.

(take careful note of the answer as it will be required for the payment notification form)

Click Here For More Information About E-Transfer

Step 2 -  Payment Notification

Click here for secure RAB E-Transfer Payment Notification Form


Complete notification form with information regarding payment instructions
- player to apply the payment, answer to security question

After the payment notification form has been submitted, RAB can complete the transfer of funds for payment.

Once RAB has accepted your payment you will receive notification from your bank that the transfer has been successful.

Additional Information

This process is a cost effective way to make online payments and should cost approximately $1.50 (check with your bank for details)


Once again you are allowed to send in partial payments, as long as full payment is received by Sept 15, but please use the “message” part of the transfer process to alert RAB that this is payment #1 of 3.

Please note that if your child(ren) have a different surname than payee please advise RAB of the players full name and age division in the message part of the transfer.

You must register your child on the on-line registration process on RAB’s Blastsite  prior to sending the e-transfer so treasurer and registrar can coordinate your child’s file.


Thank you for registering your child(ren) with the Ringette Association of Burlington where they will have the chance to play the “fastest game on ice”, enjoy a great fitness regime, learn individual skills, develop team dynamics and have a lot of fun!

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