What is the difference between U10 and U9? (Ringette Association Of Burlington)

PrintWhat is the difference between U10 and U9?

With the changes made to the age divisions over the last couple of years there have been lots of questions about which level is most appropriate for the younger players, especially with such a price difference. 


The U8 (or Bunny) division is meant to be a “learn to skate” and "learn to play"‚Äč program.  It is designed to focus more on learning how to skate with an introduction to the game at a non-competitive level.  The cost is significantly less because we are always looking to grow the organization and the sport.  We understand that if kids try it out they will come to love the sport and are likely to be with us for years to come.  Due to the learning curve at this age games are not introduced until later in the season.  The games are meant to be fun.  In fact, they are not considered games at all but rather festivals.  Scores are not kept.  Because games are more informally organized (between coaches) the level of skill of opposing teams can be uncertain.


At the U9/U10 (Novice) level most of the players have developed a good foundation of skating skills to build upon.  Most players understand the basic rules of the games, and as a result the skills and knowledge start to get more developed in this division.  The players become more of a team, developing friendships while growing their independence on and off the ice (parents should no longer be in the change room helping).  More ice time is offered as games begin earlier in the season.  There is an opportunity to further develop skating skills with power skating opportunities etc.  The game is faster paced (no 2 minute buzzer) and the growth and development of players is noticeable. Games are formally organized by the ORA (Ontario Ringette Association). Players are expected to play and experience all positions including goalie so that they can understand the different aspects of play.  The reason these divisions are more narrowly age focused is to develop the players in their own age group as much as possible at this early stage.

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