Fair Play Agreement (Ringette Association Of Burlington)

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I / We Agree to:


* Always play by the rules.

* Never argue withan official: when a call is disputed, I will let the coach or team captain handle it.

* Remember that I'm playing because I enjoy the sport. Winning is fun, but so are many other things about Ringette.

* Work at achieving my personal best and to not get discouraged if it's not the best.

* Show appreciation for good plays and performances, even by opponents.

* Control my temper and not be a show-off


* Remember that my children participate for fun.

* Teach my children that honest effort is more important than winning.

* Provide plenty of encouragement because that's the best way to help them learn.

* Teach my children that officials are an important part of the game and to never question their decisions.

* Encourage my children to be good sports.

* Applaud the value and effort of volunteer coaches and officials.

* Remember that children only learn what we teach them and that fair play starts at home.
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